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Romeros Wilpshire Take Away4 September 2015

Romeros Wilpshire Take Away

Romero’s Pizza House now has four or five shops. The Romero’s in Wilpshire is relatively new and offers standard take away food. If your in a real rush, or you fancy a pizza, kebab or burger, then Romero’s In Wilpshire might be just what you are looking for. It isnt the pinacle of Haute cuisine, but for some Romero’s In Wilpshire could be just the ticket.

Wilpshire Romero Telephone: 01254 246256

To view the Romero’s of Wilpshire Menu, please click below for a PDF scan of the Wilpshire Romero’s menu.

Romeros Wilpshire Menu

Click to View Romero’s in Wilpshire Menu

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